Junkies, it’s Game of Thrones tiiime and you best to believe it’s about to get LIT. After 13 looong AF months (srsly, why does HBO tease us like that?) we’re about to find out what’s been goin’ down in Westeros and see who ends up on the Iron Throne.

But, let’s not lie and say that our fave part of GoT isn’t the fierce AF ladiez who are all about that #NastyDontQuit lyfe. We are so #blessed to have so much realness on our screens. Forget Jon Snow or Tyrion Lannister -- these bada$$ babes are provin’ that it’s GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS who run the world (or the Seven Kingdoms).

We’re preppin’ for the premiere by breakin’ down which GoT kween you are based on your ((305)) style. So let these babes be your inspo and get your a$$ to class before the episode premieres Sunday night.


I looove this piece from ((305)) ACTIVE . . .


A) The Damsel in Disgust Tank

D) The Squad Short

B) The Legends Tank

E) The Kiss It Better Bra


F) The Sig Jacket


I’m OB-sessed with this instructor . . .


A) Katie

D) Sam

B) Quiana

E) Wisty

C) Chris

F) Latoya


I can’t get enough of those . . .


A) Bitch Slaps

D) Kickbacks

B) High Knees

E) Ballet Jacks

C) Squats

F) Box Steps


I live for this song in class . . .


A) "Not Nice"

D) "Swish Swish"

B) "I'm the One" 

E) "Touch"

C) "When I Grow Up"

F) "Humble"


So, who's #TheOtherYou?


Mostly A's - Cersei

Gurrrrl you are a GD kween and think that errryone should bow down to your realness. You’re the HBIC who loves that center spot in class and your fierce attitude keeps you goin’ even during the toughest of sprints.

Mostly B's - Daenerys

Y’all know you don’t mess with the muva of dragons. You’re the junkie who’s still got oodles of energy after breakin’ dose chains (or an insane burpee combo). You always show up to class ready to slayyy whatever is thrown your way.

Mostly C's - Sansa

You might be a quiet one, but no one would ever think that you’re not strong. as. hell. You may have been nervous during your first ((305)) class, but now you’re KILLIN’ it in errry class thanks to your insane determination.

Mostly D's - Arya

Hunny, you’ve got the ‘tude and you’re not afraid to show it. But you’re also intense and focused on kickin’ a$$ and takin’ names (or ✔✔✔ them off your list). You’re that junkie who perseveres and TURNS IT UP in the last few minutes of class.

Mostly E's - Melisandre

You’re that junkie whose bitch face literally never rests in class ‘cause you’re too busy crankin’ it out during hip hop. Forget damsel in distress -- you’re a fierce AF damsel in disgust who DGAF what the haters say.

Mostly F's - Brienne

Babe, you’re full of superrr human strength and you always BRING IT in class. You’re a powerhouse who somehow makes all those jumpin’ jacks look easy and are unstoppable during each and every class.


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