Would'ya Wanna Be A Momma?

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Baby, baby, baby or NO, NO, NO? 🤰

((305)) Instructors already shared with us what they got from their mamas, so now we turn the tables around and ask them what they would want if they were to have kids of their own. 👶

Are your favorite instructors BBY CRZY? We get the scooooop!

Do you want kids? If so and if money wasn't an issue, how many kids would you want?

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Sadie: YES! I have had major baby fever since as long as I can remember. While everyone is out there all "Look at my dog!" or "What breed do you have?", I am totally and unapologetically obsessed with babies as I am always looking at @babies on Instagram.

Naimah: I would totally have 6 kids. I've always wanted 6 kids my whole life and having a big family is so special.

Lexi: Actually as much of a 3 year old as I am, I don't have any interest in having kids! I am, however, going to be the COOLEST aunt in the universe!

Maria: Yes definitely! Always. Four was my number for a while, however, two might do just fine.


Be honest: do you care if it's a boy or a girl?

Jess: Obviously, all I really cared about was that my baby was healthy but, let's be honest...I was really hoping it was a girl. When my doctor told me it was a girl I couldn't believe it.  I am so excited for my new BFF!

Sadie: Give me a girl!!!! 

Maria: Honestly, I don't have a preference!


What are the names of your unborn children? Cmon, don't lie, you've thought about it! 

Sadie: In the Jewish tradition, we name our kids after relatives who have passed. I'll name my daughters after my grandmothers (Maria Magdalena and Irene); both of whom were total legends.

Lexi: My best friend is obsessed with the names Kendall & Mason and I'd have to say, I adore them already 😉

Jess: It's official - the first 305 baby does have a name but, that's a secret.  You will meet her via Instagram in July. 🤞 



Walk us through how you think it will be to give birth? Give us the juicy, graphic deets!

Jess: I haven't really set my birth plan in stone yet.  I'm pretty laid back so I just want my labor to be as easy as possible.  Birthing a child is the amazing thing that only a woman's body can do but, we will see how tough I am when the time comes!

Maria: I'm not at all intimidated by it mostly because I know I have a high tolerance for pain, lots of practice with breath work from my yoga training, and the mind over matter fit mentality; thank you yoga, dance, and fitness! I feel like I've got the cards stacked in my favor for a successful birthing process.

Naimah: My birth would be beautiful. My makeup would be done, of course, and I would be snapchatting the whole thing. My husband should know there's a possibility that I might slap him for putting me in this situation! 


So picture this - You with your 6 month old baby;  What are you doing? What are you wearing? Where are you going?

Lexi:  I just turned 23 and all I can tell you is that imagining that is like picturing a horror film. Babies are so stinkin' cute & I could cover them in Eskimo kisses for days but also like....No. Thank. You. 

Sadie: She and I are galavanting around the city. She's coming to work with me. She'll have her own crib and everyone at 305 will take turns babysitting. We'll take meetings together. Come through, future #girlboss! 

Naimah: Hoping that I would have a girl first! We would be matching in the cutest outfit, like similar leggings and a cute top. We would be shopping and taking pictures all throughout NYC. 


Tell the truth: Will you be a crazy dance mom?

Birthing the next gen of ((305)) Spice Girls.

Birthing the next gen of ((305)) Spice Girls.

Naimah: I would want my kids to pursue whatever career they want but if my kids wanted to dance, I honestly might be a crazy dance mom. I would be at every show and add sequins to everything they wear. Glitter, glitter everywhere! 

Jess: Of course I am going to get this girl in dance classes as soon as she takes her first steps!  I am not going to be a crazy pushy dance mom but, I do want her to try it because I think she's going to be a natural (especially after taking 305 her entire time in the womb!) and dance develops amazing discipline, strength, dedication, coordination, grace and confidence.  Plus it's a life skill, no one wants to be that awkward person that can't dance at a wedding. 🙅

Sadie: Absolutely not. My parents never pressured me into anything. Like, literally zero. I like that my parents gave me lots of independence.

They also had a motto: ‘You can never embarrass us. We are always proud of you.’

That allowed me to take chances in life, like starting 305! 


Would your your child be kind or be smart?

Lexi: My nieces & nephews will be kind AND smart. They'll be loud and obnoxious and I'm sure one of them will be tempted to dance and sing in the kitchen with me at least once or twice...hopefully more!!!! I'm determined to share everything I've learned with them. 

Maria: Both!

Jess: She will be smart as she's got great genes 💁 On a serious note, all I care about is that she is kind and that she stands up for what she believes in.  No one is remembered for being smart (unless your Einstein). Kindness is contagious and it goes a long way.  



Moms, c'mon now! It's time to get that ((305)), babe.

We all deserve some time for self-care. Remember (!!) exercise produces endorphins. And endorphins make you happy. And happy people don’t kill their partners in their sleep.

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