Wisty: The Summer Edition

You love Wisty aka The Granola Grind all year round in Boston. Thus, we're getting the scoop on how our quirkiest, most hippie, granola-crunching, open-minded instructor hangs during these hot summer months.

Meet Wisty: The Summer Edition


And, what are you listening to this summer '17?

Everyday Is a New Start by Sun Glitters


When it's hot AF outside, how do you manage your amazing hair?

Lately, my hair is long enough again for a high ponytail! But also I like to rock the Dino-buns, which is when I do 3 buns for my mohawk 🤘



Also, what about your skin during these humid summer months? How do you handle?!

Drinks lots of water and #MakeSweatSexy! I love how my skin feels when I'm melting. 💦




What was your favorite summertime memory from childhood?

Going to amusement parks 🎡 , like Disney, Six Flags, Cedar Point - aka ALL. DA. RIDES. 🎢 



When summertime rolls around, what are you noshing on?

I go for MORE white rice, cold vegetables, (non dairy) ice cream, protein shakes, and iced green tea latte, while having a lot LESS soup and hot coffee.


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