4 Winter Food Switch-Ups

Today’s post comes from ((305)) Junkie and Chinese Medicine practitioner Debra Ruffalo Ross, MS, L.Ac, Dipl OM. Learn more about the Droge Clinic for Transformational Healing.

You are what you eat and what you eat affects ERRYTING in your life. Whether you’re fueling up pre/post ((305)) or eating the latest foodie crazes for the ‘gram, it all can impact your energy level, digestion and overall mood.

As you go into the new year getting healthy AF, take a moment now to think about how the food you eat makes you feel.  In Chinese Medicine, experts believe in consuming warm, cooked foods most of the time, not just seasonally. Warm, versus cold foods, can better influence your gut health & digestion, which impacts your overall immunity.

For the winter months, peep these 4 food switch-ups you can make to improve your health:



Image from anita.co

Image from anita.co

Trade your acai bowls, smoothies & juices for gluten-free oatmeal bowls, while keeping similar toppings

Cook your favorite oatmeal in your favorite non-dairy milk alternative, like almond or hemp milk, or water and mix in cinnamon and goji berries which plump up deliciously when cooked.

Then add your favorite toppings: hemp seeds, chia seeds, nuts, granola, coco nibs, almond butter, etc. and enjoy!

Trade in your greek yogurt, dairy yogurt, or yogurt parfaits for coconut yogurt

We’ve been a fan of  Anita’s Coconut Yogurt when we we’re craving that creamy delicious goodness. Also their yogurt is full of healthy probiotics, and are dairy and soy-free. Mix in your favorite topping and enjoy.  Yes, it’s cold and not warm but it is a great switch if you need more choices in your breakfast routine.



Image from sweetgreen

Image from sweetgreen

Trade in your salads for soups or cooked grain bowls

If you are a salad everyday type of person (hand raised emoji), btdubs - the raw cold nature of the salad can be harsh on your stomach.  You can still be super healthy and not eat salad… seriously.

Great lunch options include soup (any type, without dairy) as the cooked veggies and stock allow your body to receive all the nutrients without being overwhelmed by loads of uncooked, raw veggies.

Also, some of our fave spots like sweetgreen or Roast Kitchen offer cooked grain bowls instead of salad.  They steam veggies, add protein and place it over quinoa or rice. It’s basically a warm, cooked salad that will satisfy your cravings. Spots like Dig Inn also offer warm plates and sides options which can help you fuel up properly, too.



Trade in your starches for more greens

Image from Spoon University

Image from Spoon University

If you work late or meet up friends after work, you’ll probably be fuel up with not-so-healthy happy hour or dinner options. Remember - enjoy everything in moderation.  If you want a steak or a hamburger, go for it.  Try your best to eat organic, grass fed meat and balance it out by skipping the carbs (buns & fries) or go gluten-free bun by switching to lettuce bun or having a salad.

Obvi, it’s all good to indulge in your fave junk foods - just in moderation, boo!

TL;DR - Download our quick winter food tips to start your 2017 resolutions off right!