Where Can You Wear Your New F*ck Trump Shirt?

Trump's been president for barely six months and we are all FLOORED by just how pissed off he's managed to make us — he hits a new low every. damn. day.

But you junkies know #NastyDontQuit — and we are not about to let this administration forget it. Since it's a little too warm for that fabulous pink p*ssy hat right now, we've got a brand new little prezzie for you: the F*CK TRUMP tank.


So, where can you wear this saucy little number? Great question.


To Work

Be bold on the next casual Friday and make a f*cking statement -- if not now, when? Or, if your office setting is still a little too PC for this badass new tee, say screw it -- and wear this saucy number as an undershirt to remind yourself that you're fighting the good fight.



Running for Office

This will look so smart with that navy pantsuit you've got laid out for your next big campaign rally.


Planting Trees

Trump may not believe in climate change, but we sure do -- and this tee will come in handy when you're out there gettin' a little down and dirrrty with Mother Earth.


At Your Labor Day BBQ

This one's obvious -- there's no better way to support the workers we're supposed to celebrate on Labor Day than by wearing a shirt that sticks it to a literal symbol of corporate greed.



Fighting Nazis

This tee's made of a breezy cotton and washes well -- so it won't hold you back from the fight -- no matter how you choose to engage.


Donating to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU

Whether you're writing a check or heading to a black tie charity gala, this shirt can do it all. (C'mon, you know you could rock this with a high-waisted skirt, a blowout, and stilettos.)


Smashing the patriarchy

What *else* would you wear? Subtlety is for someone else. 


So, where can you wear this tee? LITERALLY EVERYWHERE.

Get yours HERE, along with the rest of our *brand new* Pretty Much Patriotic line.