She's the wild, free-spirited older sister we wish we’d had; she's never judgmental and always will love the sh*t outta ya. D.C. is pumped to add Camille Young to our lively crew of babes and booty-shakers. We caught up Camille to learn a little more about The Sister of Soul. 

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Welcome to the club girl! So tell me, why do you love ((305))?

((305)) is such an incredible space to let go of everything and just have a great time! You have 55 minutes to be your best, baddest, strongest self -- whatever that looks like for you.


What do you want people to get out of your class?

I want to give my peeps an experience that will carry them through the rest of their day. I want them to feel welcomed, uninhibited, and alive!


Sign me up! Where can we find you outside of a ((305)) class?

Studying! I’m currently in graduate school pursuing a Master's in Education, specializing in Primary Montessori. I'm really passionate about education equality and believe all children, regardless of their family’s zip code, economic status, or immigrant status, deserve a chance to thrive.


Be still my heart! Okay let’s get deep. What is your life motto?

Rejection is redirection. I have found that when one door closes, it’s only so you can walk through a better one.


Preach! Okay I have to ask…are you single?

I’m in a committed relationship with myself! The best part about being single is definitely the flexibility. I’ve lived in a different city every year for the past five years from Granada, Spain to St. Louis, Missouri!


Let’s go back in time—what’s your 90s aesthetic?

Always jamming to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. And always rocking thrift. My mom is the queen of thrifting, and she got me started young.


You were an effortlessly cool, 90s girl. Hard to beat! Okay, let's wrap this up. Tell me something you’ve learned about yourself in the last year.

I have learned that I am powerful beyond measure, and how to let my light shine unashamedly!

Love Camille? Same. 

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