What Type of Wedding Dress You Should Get According to Your Fav 305 Move

-- Grapevine

Okay, girl, we see you! Show off that footwork! If you love traveling across the floor during a grapevine moment, you need a dress that let's you move easily but is still over the top #GLAM. After all, it's your wedding and you've got some mingling to do! This pants/skirt combo style is perfect for lots of movement (and will get you lots of compliments). Plus, you can show off those toned shoulders as you mix in a lil' shimmy.

-- High Knees

If high knees are your favorite 305 move, then GIRL YOU DO NOT MESS AROUND. You love a good work out and are straight to the point (hey, we love someone who knows what she wants!). This dress is simple, understated and fashion forward. It's a classic silhouette with a modern twist- kinda like you. The 2 piece style is the perfect way to show off those abs you've been busting ur a$$ for in class. 

-- V-Step

If the V-Step is your jam, you're probably a funky bride who loves a retro look. That's why we suggest this pin-up inspired style, complete with a vintage hat and pops of RED to show off your spunk. You've got a ton of personality, so let's show it off! Plus, the shorter length is the perfect way to show off your amazing taste in shoes! 

-- Body Roll

Okay, sis- we see you! If your favorite part of choreo is the sexy bodyroll portion of class, then you need a dress that shows off WHAT YOUR MAMA GAVE YOU. You love to #MAKESWEATSEXY and the fitted shape is perfect for impromtu body rolls in between photos. We're talking rhinestones, sheer panels, and a cut with a little va-va-voom. You are the star of the show today (and everyday) after all! 

-- Ballet Jumps

A strong series of ballet jumps can make you feel like your living The Nutcracker dreams of your youth- so get yourself a wedding dress that speaks to your fantasy. We're loving this ballet leotard inspired bodice, with long glamorous tutu inspired skirt. Just imagine how elegant you'll look breakin' it down at the reception. 


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