There's only one thing better than dancing your ass off at ((305))...dancing your ass off at ((305)) with all your closest friends to all your favorite songs at ((305)). 

We caught up with our DC junkie, Jess, who threw a ((305)) birthday party. She even convinced her boyfriend to join her. Watch and learn, ladies!

So, Jess. Why a private birthday at ((305))? 

I've done a private class with ((305)) and I keep coming back for more!

Last year, I threw my birthday at ((305)) with a group of college and work friends. Almost all of my friends were new to ((305)) and they were nervous about what they were getting themselves into. But everyone had a ton of fun and I knew I had to do it again this year. They loved it!

So what was it like on the day of your party?

My boyfriend and I made sure not to be super hungover this year for the party on Sunday and it was great to walk in to see my friends waiting. Quiana made it super fun and somewhat embarrassing by putting all of the attention on me.

So what was the DJ spinnin’ that day?  

The only song request I made was "lots of Beyonce" and any time Beyonce came on I tried to channel my inner sass.


Yasss kween! What was the rest of your birthday like?

I'm normally not one to focus a lot on fitness so aside from ((305)), I mostly did a lot of eating.


Gurl, you gotta #TreatYoself on your birthday. How was a private party different from a regular class?

I loved that the private class was with my closest friends. Even though I feel comfortable in regular class, I love being able to goof around and twerk alongside with my friends. It makes it that much more fun

((305)) helps me let loose and feel good about my body while working muscles I didn’t know I had.

So, why’d you choose ((305)) for your birthday shenanigans?

I'm normally pretty reserved. ((305)) helps me let loose and feel good about my body while working muscles I didn't know I had.

We wanna know -- what’s your go-to ((305)) move?

Anything involving leg kicks and booty shaking -- I'm on a quest to learn how to twerk.

And what song gets you ready to twerk it out?

“Formation” by Beyonce or “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar.

OK, one last question -- we gotta know what doing ((305)) with your BF was like!

My boyfriend did the private party with me and he has gone to a few regular classes with me! He loves it -- I think he enjoys feeling himself more than I do. He gets self-conscious about the amount he sweats but I got him a "Make Sweat Sexy" tank that he sports regularly.


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