Volha: The Wonderment Woman


NYC, meet Volha.

Volha is a woman of uncanny ability. Her dance talent is raw, real, and inspiring to watch. She looks at life like a kid holding an ice cream cone. Life is beautiful and every day is an adventure. When you meet her, you’ll feel like you’ve met her in a past life. Or maybe she reminds you of Meryl Streep, but in a ((305)) crop top. Volha is gift to us and to the world. She seems to have a superhuman sense of self. She’s not perfect, she knows it, and she’s not trying to hide it, which is the best part. 

If you didn't live in NYC, where else would you live?




Describe your last wild night out. 

It was a tropical party in Bushwick. They played my favorite music, it was my favorite theme, and the dance floor was like a scene from Step Up the movie!  



A flamingo walks through the door right now wearing over-the-knee boots. What does she want and why is she here?

She chose my door because she's confident that she`s looking hot in those over-the-knee boots. I would tell her it`s a party in here and we will dance like there's no tomorrow.

My motto: Carpe Diem. They say past is history, future is mystery, all we have is now , that`s why it`s called the PRESENT. Live the moment.

What's your favorite word in the English language?

Fabulous. Especially the way the character Samantha Jones says it in Sex and the City.


305 NYC OCTOBER PROOF-1169.jpg

The amount someone would have to pay you to teach ((305)) butt naked?

$1,000,000,000,000,000 per class. You can cross out a couple of zeros if I`m aloud to wear thongs. 


Name three ways you want to make people feel in your class:

I want people to feel confident and free to get that inner Beyonce out, positive about their bodies, and accomplished. 


What's something you've learned about yourself in the past year?

I`m a warrior. I have discovered that I`m so much stronger and powerful than I think I am. In a physical and mental- emotional aspect.


Why do you love 305?

I get goosebumps on my body every time I`m in that room. It`s the perfect combo of lights, sound and energy. The workout takes you to another place and for that one hour you`re a performer on the stage, a party beast. And in the end you leave fulfilled, stronger, healthier and happier.

Love Volha? Same. 

Community classes with Volha are just $10 and run through December 1st. Proceeds go to She's the First, helping girls in low-income countries get degrees, as the first in their families. Book a class here.