Unwind with Liz Law

Say goodbye to stress and HELLO to a sensual stretch session with Liz Law. Liz is one of the new ((305)) yoga instructors, and her class will make you feel oh-so-savasana-good. Liz gave us the inside scoop on surviving pigeon pose, her weakness for pole dancing, and the five things every yogi needs in their grocery cart.


What inspired you to take your first yoga class?

I honestly won't lie. I can't remember my first yoga class no matter how hard I try. I assume it was way back when I was training pre-professionally as a dancer and it was suggested as a complementary way to support my dance training.


I love that savasana feelling...how do I get that feeling, like, all the time?

Savasana is a feeling/sensation and a state of being, so it can definitely be achieved without physically lying down in a corpse pose! You just have to quiet down your mind and relax. Truly relax and live within a place of stillness and peace.

What do you tell newbies to yoga who might be a little nervous?

I tell them "we all started somewhere." A yoga practice is theirs to create. It's just yoga...it's not that serious. Haha.

What yoga pose gets you feeling sexy?

Ouuuuuuh! Hmmmm I feel sexy when I do Natarajasana AKA Dancer's Pose and Ardha Matsuemdrasama AKA Half Lord of the Fishes Pose.


What are five things you buy every week from the grocery store?

Eggs, Peanut butter, fruit, almond milk, and veggies.

What other forms of exercise do you do to get that bod rocking?

I am a dancer to my very core, so I'm in dance classes weekly. I also just got immersed into the circus community so I take aerial/acro classes. My guilty pleasure and not-so-hidden addiction is pole dancing.


Help! Pigeon pose is so hard! How do I make it better?

B R E A T H E! I don't know that pigeon gets "easier" but it can definitely feeeeeel better and juicier. If you really learn to breathe INTO the stretch and to send that breath intentionally to those areas of tension, it will feel better

What's your favorite song to flow to ?

Ahhhhhhh, that's tough. I love love music, so my favorite song is always changing in relation to what's out at the time. BUT I'd say right now I've been on this Kehlani kick because she just released an awesome album and basically any song off of Migo's newest album CULTURE.

Want more Liz?

You got it! Liz's class is fit for all yogis, especially beginners. Find her in NYC and follow her on Instagram.