Trendy Workouts From Around The Globe

Your travel plans shouldn’t cramp your workout style. While you’ve got 305 at home, we’re taking you around the world to check out trendy workouts so you can #MakeSweatSexy like the locals!


Kickin’ It In Brazil


Combining self-defense, acrobatics, music, song and dance, Capoeira is the popular martial art form practiced in Brazil. Developed by slaves, it was used to disguise the fight moves they’d be practicing. Capoeira is played in a circle, with plenty of music and singing to accompany the game where only the hands and feet can touch the ground.


Chill TF Out in China


Take it easy when you’re working out in China. Think less HIIT and sprints, and more tai-chi, stretching, and walking. Trade in the hustle of your home city and go for more slow-moving exercises, which help to boost the immune system, improve balance, realign the body, and calm the mind.


B&B in the UK



Across the pond, boxing and barre are faves amongst the fitness crowds. In the UK, studios are combining both workouts to give a 1-2 punch combo of strength, flexibility, and toning. Talk about beauty and brawn!

Worldwide Yoga



Your 305 Flow practice will come in handy wherever you go. Yoga originated back in ancient India, but you’ll see it taught all over. From the beaches of the Caribbean to the mountains of Salt Lake City, you can literally get your flow on anywhere. Vacay Namaste!


What workouts are you doing when you’re out on town? Let us know in the comments!