Top 5 Books For Running a Business, According to Our HBIC

The hustle ain't easy. No one knows that better than our HBIC, Sadie. So all you young entrepreneurs in training: it's time to read up! Here are the top five books that Sadie says to read before starting a business.

For when you're going to market:

"Chasing Cool"by Noah Kerner and Gene Pressman

For when you're dreaming: 

"The Art of the Start" by Guy Kawasaki

"I read this book in college, when ((305)) was still a dream. The book provides a no-nonsense take for beginners that gave me a great push in the right direction. I love how this book also asks rapid fire questions and has quick exercises. For someone like me who is a relentless executor, this book gave me the tools I needed to turn dreams into action."


"I became obsessed with this book and read it, cover to cover, many times. Today, one of the co-authors, Noah Kerner, is an investor and advisor at ((305)), and I count him as a close friend. Before I even knew what "marketing" was, I learned so much from this brilliant book, which is all about building buzz and marketing. I love the stories they tell, about big nightclubs in New York in the 90s and how Barney's changed the game for brick-and-mortar retail."


For when you're raising money

"Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer" by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson

"The world of raising money is an old boys club. Raising money is really, really, really trying. Often, it has little to do with your business and much more to do with your comfort with the lingo. Do you know how to sell yourself? Do you understand terms and how to negotiate? Whether you're taking on debt or equity, this book is a must-read." 


For when you're leading your organization:

"The Hard Thing About Hard Things" by Ben Horowitz

For when you're learning how to manage:

"Non Violent Communication" by Marshall Rosenberg


"I ask everyone at ((305)), full-time staff and instructors alike, to read "Nonviolent Communication." It has changed my professional and personal life by breaking down the basics of honest communication. It made me such a better communicator and manager during hard conversations. It taught me the art of listening—still a work in progress! And it showed me how to communicate my feelings in a way that shows empathy, but is always fair, direct, and clear."


"I don't have words for this book. It radically changed how I view leadership. It made me want to be a better, more organized, and more empathetic leader. The writing is brilliant. It walked me through the many difficult challenges I have faced, or might face as a leader. How do I keep the workplace from being political? How do I fire a close friend? How do I deal with demotions and layoffs? How do I keep going when things get tough? My only regret was not reading this book sooner!" 

HBIC Knows Best

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