These Women Led Revolutions and Got No Credit

We have a saying around here at 305: #NASTYDONTQUIT.

And it's true.

We are #blessed to have grown up in a world where so many women before us have had this same kicka$$ attitude. Most history books skip over these influential women, but it's safe to say the world wouldn't look the same without their inspired action.  May these women serve as inspiration as we continue to fight! 

Agent 355

Ok, this story is dope. Agent 355 is the code name of a spy who worked for the USA during the Revolutionary war. She was based in NYC (which was under British control from 1778-1780) and her best asset was her "degree of social prominence". Basically, she would go to all the hottest parties, eavesdrop on British officials, and report back to George Washington.

The Mirabal Sisters

In the Dominican Republic during the 1950s, the four Mirabal sisters opposed dictator Rafael Trujillo through the distribution of their underground pamphlets and collection of materials for guns and bombs to use when they eventually revolted. Patria, Maria and Antonia (aka Las Mariposas, or the Butterflies as they were called) were assassinated in 1960 for their resistance to the regime, but they are forever lauded as a symbol of justice and feminism. 

The Aba Women's Riots

The Women's War' (or Aba Women's Riots) was an revolt in Nigeria in November 1929. The British had taken control of the African country, but thousands of women protested against the foreign powers for restricting the role of women in government. The protest encompassed women from six ethnic groups (Ibibio, Andoni, Orgoni, Bonny, Opobo, and Igbo) and is remembered for it's strategic organizing and success of addressing the social, political and economic inequities the country was experiencing at the hands of British colonialism. 

Marsha P. Johnson

Pride Month may have just wrapped up, but around here we will never forget the impact our transgender sister Marsha P. Johnson had on the LGBT community, and the US at large. On Marsha's 25th birthday, she was minding her own business and went to Stonewall to celebrate. Keep in mind- in 1969 there were very few places where LGBT people were allowed to be open about who they were. So when police raided the known gay bar that fateful night, Marsha smashed her glass into a mirror and led the revolt (now known as The Stonewall Riots), catalyzing the LGBT movement in the United States. 

Sophie Scholl

Sophie Scholl was a German bada$$ who founded the non-violent group The White Rose to fight Nazis during Hitler's regime.  The group distributed anonymous zines and led a graffiti campaign before they were arrested for handing out leaflets at the University of Munich and sentenced to death by guillotine. Copies of the group's leaflets were smuggled out of the country and millions were air-dropped over Germany by Allied forces during the remainder of the WW2.