The Other You: Sadie

As we all know, Sadie can get the party started. Meet the pint-sized founder of 305 old and you’ll know: she ain’t exactly a shrinking violet. From a home that was half-Jewish half-Cuban, she owes her loud mouth and sense of humor to her “Jewban” roots. Sadie is both grounded and upbeat- but what's she like outside of class???


What was your childhood fantasy?  

I wanted to be the first female president in third grade. By fifth grade, I wanted to be an actress. I looked up last names in the phone book -- omg, remember phone books?! -- for a good stage name. I landed on Sadie Starr (two "r"s, very important!). My older sisters all told me that was a name for a porn star. I didn't really know what that meant, but I knew it was no good. So I changed my stage name to Sadie Sawyer. Then my dad claimed I was acting like a self-hating Jew and trying too hard to sound white. I couldn't win! 


Other than being a dancer, what other creative pursuit would you like to be known for ? 

I would make an amazing pop star. Only problem is I can't sing. But I can lipsync for days. Still waiting to be discovered! 


We know your energy in class is full fire. What’s your personality like when you’re not in class?

I'm more of an introvert than people might imagine. I enjoy "me" time. When I'm not working, I'm most likely to be found reading or going to the myself (popcorn and cherry Icee and all).


What’s the advice #TheOtherYou gives you, that you don’t always follow IRL?

#TheOtherYou tells me to celebrate my accomplishments more. I could do a better job on that. I tend to focus on 'what's next.'


Is #TheOtherYou Brooklyn or Manhattan? 

The Real Me: Upper West Side

The Other Me: Barcelona 


How would you encourage others to get in touch with their Other Side/find the courage to let them out?

Come to 305! Honestly! Any time I'm feeling stressed or stuck, 305 has a way of making me feel alive again. 

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