#TheOtherYou: Bex Edition

If you're in NYC, you've definitely met Bex. 

What you might not know is outside of class, Bex is a pop recording artist, songwriter, and badass heroine. Who embodies female empowerment better than Bex? After graduating from Penn State, Bex established her own music label. In a male-dominated industry, Bex blazed her own trail, where she travelled nationwide as a solo artist and landed top spots on Billboard’s Dance Chart. As a teacher, Bex is there to uplift and inspire, never to belittle or bring down. Despite her enormous success, Bex has got no airs about her. 

What was your childhood fantasy? 

I used to fantasize I was an Egyptian queen laying on one of those fabulous lounges/daybeds, being fanned with oversized palm leaves, and fed grapes from the vine.  The irony is, that childhood fantasy is now my adult aspiration.

Tell us about your not so secret life as a popstar outside of the 305 studio.

Years before I started teaching at 305, I was a pop recording artist and songwriter full time!  I spent my days in the studio, performed at some of the best known gay clubs in NYC, Miami and LA, had two songs chart on the Billboard Dance charts (one of 'em in Top 10!), and music on pop radio worldwide.  I'd be listening, and suddenly they'd play a Pitbull song and then a Bex song.  My #OtherYou persona is insanely spontaneous and fearless---I've ignited a fire extinguisher on stage, sang in the famous onstage showers at the now-closed Splash, was body-painted gold head-to-toe for one of my music videos.  If you troll my instagram really deep you'll see this not-so-secret life.

We know your energy in class is full fire. What’s your personality like when you’re not in class?

I am an amazing listener.  The older I get, the more chilled out I get.  People feel really comfortable with me and open up.  I still love to go out and do a little partying but I have to balance it out with relaxation and me-time.  Maybe I save up my craziness for the moments that matter, haha.


What’s the advice the "other you” gives you, that you don’t always follow IRL?

My other you doesn't put up with anyone else's sh*t.  If a stranger is behaving badly towards me, My Other You snaps.  However, IRL I do not have the energy for all the little fires NYC throws your way!  I'm not gonna fight the man who pushes onto the subway before you've had a chance to exit- 'cause then I'd be raging every 2 minutes.  Again, I keep myself calm, cool and collected IRL!


You vs. The Other You: Brooklyn or Manhattan? 

Me: NYC  

#TheOtherYou: LA

How would you encourage others to get in touch with their Other Side/find the courage to pursue a path that seems totally impossible?

Acknowledge that fear can be a positive driver if you take control of it.  Think of the last time you were afraid of doing something, and it built up in your head. Actually moving forward and DOING it probably wasn't that scary, right?  In fact, wasn't it freeing and motivating?  That's our muscle called "courage", which I don't believe we are born with---we have to work it and grow it.  Try it in the next 305 class.  Step into the front row---it's not as intimidating as you think.  Try not to stop between movements in the sprint section---you realize it's doable and exhilarating, and your legs will not fall off, I promise.  Introduce yourself to someone new before walking into class.. Remember, there's a reason you both chose to be here, rather than dancing along in your living room, right?  

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