Instructor Spotlight: Tori "the Power Pixie" Fyock

What do you get when when you mix a razzle dazzle showbiz junkie with a hip hop goddess and hummingbird’s metabolism? You get a Tori "Power Pixie" Fyock. Tori is the Polly Pocket booty popper you need in your life. She’s fierce, she’s fun, and she’s not afraid to freak-a-leak all over the dance floor. 

Tori is a fresh face on the ((305)) DC scene, and we can’t get enough of her big-stepping, booty-shaking, high-kicking class. Keep reading to learn more about her journey to ((305)), her favorite Disney princess, and the reason she’s super bad at texting.

“I just hope everyone in my class enjoys being together. I want people to be as dorky and fun as they want to be. It should feel like a little piece of home.”

She got that twinkle in her eye, and that twerkle in her soul.

She got that twinkle in her eye, and that twerkle in her soul.

How did you first learn about 305?

I was on a plane…

...You were on a plane?

I was on plane. I was going on vacation and reading Shape magazine, and they were breaking down hot new fitness classes. ((305)) was part of the list. I was already teaching Zumba, and I had a pretty strong client following. When I got back from vaycay, one of my clients told me they had taken a ((305)) class and loved it.


Right? So I went and took a class. I immediately fell in love with ((305)), and I knew I had to be a part of it. 

What has been the biggest difference between teaching Zumba and ((305))?

The client pool for Zumba is so wide reaching, from babies to seniors. It’s an impressive scale, but it comes with some costs. They try to cater to everyone, and it makes for a disjointed experience across classes and instructors. 

Meanwhile in ((305))...

It’s way more dynamic. I really excel in a collegiate-type audience—people who show up to work super hard and get into it. ((305)) is more intense. It has a stronger dance vibe. And you totally rely on the DJs. They control the music. 


1) Energetic
2) Engaging
3) Community-based
4) You-time

So it's really a team effort? 

Exactly. I really like the control thing, so that was definitely something I had to get use to. Now it’s a huge burden off my shoulders that I don’t have to worry about the playlist. 

And the music seems so key to the ((305)) experience.

Definitely. There’s a dichotomy between movement and music that creates the hip hop we have today—and I like that ((305)) captures that spirit. I come from a very traditional dance background. Tap, ballet, jazz—all since I was a little kid. I always wanted to be a Rockette, and I still love traditional, razzle-dazzle showbiz. When it became clear that I wasn’t breaking 5 feet, that all shifted, and I fell in love with hip hop.

Oh verrry Save the Last Dance—I’m into that. So what are you up to when you’re not at ((305))? 

I’m business analyst for facilities management in Department of Defense.


"The term Ugly Sweater Party is offensive. They aren’t UGLY. They’re just tacky. That’s not such a bad thing. I have a few “ugly” sweaters that I wear around the holidays. There’s something to be said for holiday sweaters..."

Sounds...intense. What's the office like?

Well I can’t use my phone when I’m there, which has really crafted how I’ve come into my Millennial-ness. I’m a terrible texter. Really, truly terrible. I’m not good. I have a Snapchat, but my count is low. Is "count" the right word? That doesn't sound right….

It definitely does not sound right. So where do you stand on dating apps?

I know what they are. Like I’ve heard of Bumble and Tinder. I just...I want to meet someone the old fashioned way: drunk in a bar on a non-holiday gathering, know what I mean?

Right, right, right. Okay last question. Which Disney character are you? And who is your Gender-Nonspecific Charming?

I’m definitely Lilo. She sees the good in things, and she’s super stubborn. She also prioritizes family, and knows that family isn’t dependent on bloodline. As for a prince…I’ll say Kristoff from Frozen. He’s funny.

Want more Tori?

We certainly do. Catch up Tori in a DC class and follow her on the 'Gram.