Instructor Spotlight: Deaton "305 Kween" Jones

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He’s tall. He’s talented. He’s trained in (bad boi) economics. He’s Deaton Jones, and he’s here to change your life. As the Director of Client Experience, Deaton is the spirit guide behind your ((305)) bliss and a fan-favorite instructor. His balls-to-the-wall, high-energy class will break you down and keep you begging for more. 

Deaton took some time to share a little bit about the man behind the very, very tall mask. By the end of this interview, you’ll all be swiping right.

"I want everyone to unleash the inner Xenia Warrior Princess inside them, with a touch of fierce as f*ck ((305)) glitter, and a ton of sweat. I'm there with you the whole way, so get ready to lean-in and go crazy."


Tall drink of water? More like grande cappuccino, double-shot, extra-whip.

Tall drink of water? More like grande cappuccino, double-shot, extra-whip.

Let’s start at the beginning. Where are you from, and how did you end up in New York City?

I’m from Raleigh, NC. I went to Columbia for college, and double majored in economics and philosophy. 

NBD or anything…

Well it worked! When I was applying for advertising jobs out of college, my narrative was all about combining creative and business-minded thought processes. My studies also helped me personally because it allowed me to explore what is important in life and how to measure it in tangible terms.

Well, I’m sold. So how did you get involved with ((305))?

I took my first class two and a half years ago, and I knew that I wanted to be an instructor. For a about six months I participated in the work study program to keep my ass in class, and to learn more about the company and the brand. Then it was a tough process of auditioning and training, including a pulled hamstring and a fractured bone in my foot—and I don’t come from a traditional dance background either. When I finally started teaching classes, I was still working in advertising. In fact, I was at a brand new, manager-level job for three months when [305 founder] Sadie threw a curveball. She offered me the position of director of client experience.

How do you like working full-time for ((305))?

I LOVE my job. I am so fortunate that I get to teach and help build this amazing product—it motivates me through the other…more stressful stuff. I’m in charge customer services, in-studio operations, and marketing. We’re a small team and we’re hell bent on being the best. It can get overwhelming at times, but I'm so grateful to work in this environment.

Deaton in the Hunger Games:

“People are always like, “oh I’m Katniss.” First of all, no you’re not. Second of all, I would be Cato. I would literally cut you.”

I bet! What do you do to decompress from all of that?

I find peace in order, so getting myself organized is the first step. That way, I can at least build a plan. I also exercise. Endorphins make you happy…


...And happy people don’t kill their husbands?

You got it. And also sex. Sex helps. 

Preach! What other forms of exercise do you get into?

I love dancing and feeling sexy. There’s a pole class I go to that’s amazing. In general, I’m just a very active person—I’ve been that way my whole life. I used to play tennis at the elite level, and I’ve run four marathons so far. 

Deaton’s spirit animal:

"I would say a cougar or leopard because I can be fierce and strategic. But I’m also very empathetic and a huge extrovert, so I would rather say a wolf. I like that wolves travel in packs."

So, it’s safe to say you’re a little competitive?

100% I’m hyper-competitive. 

What’s the best competition you’ve ever won?

Recently I won an amateur strip competition in New Orleans. People were going HAM, but I wanted to win. The crowd was just going nuts, so I went for it. I did full frontal. I won $100 and spent it on more male strippers.

Aw! Like sexy karma. Okay, last question. Finish this line: "I don’t want no scrubs. A scrub is a guy who..."

...isn’t strong enough to carry his own baggage. You can have baggage, but you gotta be tough enough to hold onto it yourself.

Want more of Deaton? Of course you do... Catch your boy in class and follow him on the Gram.