Class Hacks: PonyTail Lockdown

It only takes one ((305)) class to get hooked on a feeling, but that doesn't mean you’re perfecting this jam overnight. Whether you’re still working out that 1-2 step, trying to find an outfit that has you feeling fly, or riding the struggle bus to class—we feel ya. We’ve been there.

And we want to help you do you...but better.

Today’s Class Hack is for all the long-haired lion(esses) out there trying to tame that mane. Here’s what our instructors have to say about keeping keeping the Goldilocks down.

How do you keep your ponytail under control?

“Two hair ties, bobby pins.” —Anastacia Clarke, NYC Instructor
“I leave my hair out loose.”Dj FX, NYC DJ
“Doubling up with strong elastic.” —Ria Rodriguez, NYC Instructor
"Braids ;)"Katie Lakoto, NYC Instructor
"I try but can't contain the mane…" —Tori Fyock, DC Instructor
"Having short hair." —DJ Ardent, NYC DJ