The Other You: Wisty Andres

You might be a good gurrrrl who gets to bed early before a break-of-dawn ((305)) class. But the Other You isn't afraid to get a little cray on a weekday. Our Queen Bean Town instructor knows a thing or two about tapping into the Other You. She's a lifelong performer, lover of music, and...aspiring burlesque dancer? Gimme, gimme more Wisty Andres


1. What's your go-to plan on a Saturday night? What's the Other You's plan?

I usually work and perform on Saturday nights, but if I have a Saturday night off I'm chillin' with friends and food—maybe talking a walk to Fomu. The Other Me would definitely be at The Donkey Show (at OBERON...think Shakespeare meets raging disco queens) or dancing her butt off at a (salsa) dance club. Every once in a while, the Other Me comes out to play!


2. We all know you're a kick-ass performer. How would you describe your dancer vibe? What's the Other You's vibe?

I would say my general dancer vibe is fluid, grounded, present, dynamic and sometimes spiritual. The Other Me is sexy, sharp, flirty, and loves to show off her body and skills.


3. You're killing it in Boston. Objectively, slaying. But did the Other You ever have other plans? 

The Other Me wants fame and fortune. She wants to be doing silly, outrageous things all the time like skydiving, fire-breathing, splatter painting a blank room, going to a nudist colony, and tattooing geometry on her neck.


4. You just won $100,000, but you have to spend it all at one store/on one company. Where do to drop the dough? Where does the Other You go?

Oooo this is such a tough question!! I would probably get all the art and clothes on Etsy, because I love supporting artists and appreciating their work. The Other Me... would break the rules and use the money to travel with friends and have fun together. 

Show off the Other You

Shrug off that shift dress, throw on a crop top, and get your a$$ in class. Check out Wisty and show off the Other You.