It’s ((305)) PRIDE and oh gurrrl, you best believe we are servin’ up some ferocious fun all month long. Y’all know how much we put on for our LGBTQ fam, so we’ll be hosting ((305)) kikis in all three of our cities. But the party doesn’t have to stop after class -- we’re spillin’ the tea on the fiercest gay bars in NYC, DC, and Boston.

These ain’t yo basic biatch bars -- they come hand-picked by our fave ((305)) instructors and DJs, who swear these are the dancefloors that come closest to dat #makesweatsexy high you get in class.

So brush up on your drag-speak, get your a$$ to class for our ((305)) kikis, and then get ready to WERQ. IT. OUT.


Metropolitan Bar

Metropolitan has got a little sumthin’ for everyone, from Tuesday night Queeraoke to an AH-maze outdoor patio where you’ll wanna spend all your Sundai Fundais. One of Brooklyn’s OG gay bars, this place boasts a killer roster of DJs who spin the BEST remixes from Gaga to The Lion King. We are def feelin’ the love.

The Monster

The basement dancefloor here doesn't open till late, but it dates back to the 1930s and it is just as lit as ever. There's all the pop hits you can want -- new and old -- along with some hot hot hot go-go boys and drag shows on the reg. Sick of dancing and ready to sing? The piano upstairs is almost always running show tunes.

The Ritz

It's on Restaurant Row, but The Ritz is better than all the rest. Its two floors of DJs keep the 90s pop hits rollin when they're not throwing a theme party. It gets crowded AF on the weekends in this sexy little spot, but the bar accepts credit cards and the go go dancers are always ready to party.


BONUS: Our main man Deaton says his fave nights are more about the host than the venue, and he raves about the parties that NYC celeb Ladyfag throws all over town. It's an "eclectic yet sexually-charged crowd," he says, with both house/EDM music and some top 40.

The lit music and crazy costumes always move people into a little less inhibited state. People let loose, get a little weird, take their shirts off, and go ham!



Logan Circle might be trendier neighborhoods now, but Dupont Circle has always been the historic heart of D.C.'s gay scene -- and Cobalt is a big part of that. Hit the dance floor on the top floor, which attracts visiting DJs, drag shows, and at least once a month, a killer lesbian dance party.  


There's no way to make a list like this without including Town. This hot spot bills itself as a "danceboutique" and it's all that and more. Bring cash monies for a not-so-hot cover and the bar, but prepare to live. it. up. at the extravaganza eleganza drag shows on Friday and Saturday nights.


This U St. institution might bill itself as a sports bar, but it boasts some killer DJ's and an infamous drag brunch -- all our DC folks say so. Pro Tip: Get yo dancefloor fix at Sunday Fundays, where the pop hits start blastin' at 3 p.m. R U Nellie ENUF?


Club Cafe

This cultural institution got the thumbs up from every. single. one. of the Boston team who weighed in -- it's part drag show, part piano bar, part restaurant -- and helllll yes it's got a killer dance floor.


This is the Samantha of gay bars: loud, proud and a little raunchier than the rest of 'em. Another fave for our Boston instructors and DJ's, Paradise in Cambridge keeps a steady stream of hot hot hot dancers struttin' on stage while you're grindin' it up on the dance floor.

Jacques Cabaret

This ain't yo mama's Back Bay bar. This is a glamorous AF establishment with the best damn drag shows in town. Get in early, though: this one closes by midnight.

🌈 ((305)) PRIDE, BABY! 🌈

Come on, circuit queens! We know you love to dance. We know you love to sweat. We know you love to be sexy. And we KNOW you love to throw shade and spill the well-brewed tea.

June is PRIDE month at ((305)). We're celebrating LGBTQ brothers, sisters, and folks in between everywhere.

Catch us every Friday after work in our illustrious locations:

In NYC: 3-0-KAIKAI (gay nite) Fridays at 5:30PM @ the Village Studio. Emceed by a live drag queen, this class features a 10-minute vogue tutorial, "party favors" you won't wanna miss, and a free drink ticket to Pieces in the West Village. Catch it here.  

In DC: ((305)) PRIDE (gay nite) Fridays at 5:30PM @ 1630 14th St NW. Sign up and bring an LGBTQ friend for free. DJs will mix songs from your favorite queens featuring RuPaul, Madonna and more. We're skipping the sprint section -- thank gawd -- and adding more toning and more dancing. Sign up here.

In Boston: ((305)) PRIDE (gay nite) Fridays at 6:30PM @ 699 Boylston. Sign up and bring an LGBTQ friend for free. DJs will mix songs from your favorite queens featuring RuPaul, Madonna and more. We're skipping the sprint section -- thank gawd -- and adding more toning and more dancing. Sign up here.