The #305VICE Pieces That Are Sellin' Out

The latest ((305)) ACTIVE collection dropped earlier this week and it is LIT AF. We’re throwin’ it waaay back with #305VICE -- tanks, tees, and more that’ll have you feelin’ all kinds of Flashdance vibes.

#305VICE was made for groovin’ and twerkin’ in front of those flashin’ lights in class. But junkies, y’all better JUMP ON IT. These pieces are flyin’ outta the studio faster than you can say “gag me with a spoon." Peep the hottest pieces from #305VICE below and shop the full collection here.


The Retro Tee

If you managed to finance your Cadillac with your terrible credit, but you still ask mom for gas money, you neeed the Retro Tee. You’ll be ridin’ in style with this slightly-oversized tee that’s perfect for the ((305)) studio or Studio 54.



The Greetings From 305 Tee

The Greetings From 305 Tee is classy with a twist -- like those sultry days when you'd  legit get dressed up to fly on airplanes. You'll love the hunky man on the front. The conservative cut shows minimal skin. Cut off the sleeves or tie a little crop to spice it up. Yes, you can have your lemon cookies and eat 'em too!



The 305 Deco Racerback Tank

The 305 Deco Racerback Tank is sexy and powerful -- just like you, boo. Wear this one a little tight and let that flirty bra peek out. And who doesn't LOOOVE that righteous graphic?


Can't get enough?

SHOP #305VICE 'TIL YOU DROP, BOO. And then throw it back in class, too -- like, say, Katie's evolution of hip hop class, or this Jackson family feud throwdown. Peep the full class schedule in your city, here.