7 Ways to Get Slizzard During Today's Blizzard

The Snow Day starts now. We've got some ideas to help you make the most of your day off. Here are 7 ways to get drunk off of LIFE (duh!).

1. First things first: Stay in your PJs as long as possible

An opportunity like this doesn't come often- so make the most of it. You can resume #adulting tomorrow. 

2. Catch up on your reading

Everybody, start your Kindles! As we've said before, #NASTYWOMENDONTQUIT - so queue up one of these books from our Not Your Mama's Feminist Book Club. Already made your way through the list? Round 2 starts here. 

3. Get your snow day IG

You don't want to wait 'til the streets have been plowed and the snow is muddy and gross to take your picture! You've gotta make moves. NOW. Snow angels encouraged. Sledding advised. 

4. Don't forget it's Pi Day. Plan accordingly.

Ok, so realistically the snow has to let up sometime right? Exactly. Let's assume everything get's cleared up around 6pm. Perfect! Now you have the perfect excuse to rally your crew for a pizza party (pizza pie- get it?) Or maybe you're a traditionalist and want actual PIE. That's fine too. Start looking up pie joints near you. We just love a reason to celebrate. 

5. Use the extra time at home to try out a new recipe

Feeling uber healthy? Try a recipe that incorporates one of these superfoods or fuel up with these Off-The-Walnut Bites. Or maybe you're looking to indulge? We've also been known to whip up a little somethin'-somethin' to take the edge off.

6. Pump up the jams

Err. Podcasts. We've rounded up a list of our LOL favorites to beat the winter gloom here. Or if you really want the tunes, Charli XCX released a new album and it's fire

7. Start your spring cleaning NOW

Sure, it doesn't look like spring outside, but we've had enough of this cold weather already. Maybe if we all collectively start our spring cleaning (organize your closet, FINALLY put together that donation box, deep clean the bathroom, etc) we can manifest our way out of this frozen nightmare.  

A girl can dream, right?