Parts of this year have been rough -- but parts of it have also been jaw-droppingly inspiring, especially when it comes to you junkies and your fierce AF promise that #NastyDontQuit. We were LOUD and PROUD at the Women's March, and we've kept up that 🔥 and 💪🏾 through the #MeToo movement this fall -- smashin' the patriarchy every step of the way.

Our new ((305)) ACTIVE line drops this week and it’s all about GRL FKN PWR. Whether you’re standin’ up to sexism or shattering the glass ceiling, we’ve got you covered with the goods that’ll make you feel powerful AF.

We’re celebrating the ((305)) ACTIVE launch by hearing from our FKN amazing instructors and DJs who come to smash every GD day. We sat down with Natalia, the baller figure-skater-turned-instructor who's turnin' up the HEAT in our NYC studios, to open up about her seductive femininity and the feels she gets when men wear eyeliner.


Who is your female icon and why?

Misty Copeland — a freakin’ powerhouse dancer who is gorgeous without looking like a traditional ballerina. She's voluptuous, she's muscular, and she's black which is not a traditional ballet aesthetic. Despite this, she rose to the highest ranks of American Ballet Theatre. On top of her incredible talent, she’s also humble.


If you could have one superpower, what would it be?



Which gender stereotypes bother you?

(1) Men cannot wear eyeliner unless they’re gay or making some rockstar statement. I think men in eyeliner look drool-worthy. (2) All women know how to cook 👨🏻‍🍳. (3) Women cannot be calculating, stone-cold, psychopathic serial killers. I admit nothing. 😶


What makes you feel powerful?

Getting to bring people into my world.


In which ways are you feminine?

The power of seduction.


In which ways are you masculine?

My strength and athleticism.
My aggression and competitiveness.
My shoulder-to-hip ratio.



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