Junkies, it’s crazy to think it’s been almost a year since we marched LOUD and PROUD at the Women’s March. #NastyDontQuit, and we’ve continued to bring the 🔥 and the 💪🏾 to smashin’ the patriarchy. From the #MeToo movement to tellin’ those sexual harassers BOY BYE, it’s incredible to see the progress we’ve made.

Our new ((305)) ACTIVE line drops this week and it’s all about GRL FKN PWR. Whether you’re standin’ up to sexism or shattering the glass ceiling, we’ve got you covered with the goods that’ll make you feel powerful AF.

We’re celebrating the ((305)) ACTIVE launch by hearing from our FKN amazing instructors and DJs who come to smash every GD day. We caught up with our dancehall queen Michelle to hear how becoming a (bada$$) muva empowered her and the crazy superpower she wishes she had.


Who is your female icon and why?

Grace Jones because she lives for herself and nobody else unapologetically.


If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

I wish I could teleport. I'd be all over the globe and universe.


In which ways are you feminine?

Nothing makes me feel more feminine than a pair of sexy heels.


In which ways are you masculine?

Every now and then I enjoy going to a cigar bar and lighting one up.


What makes you feel powerful?

Having grown human beings in my body. My body went through more changes in 8 months than going through puberty.


What gender stereotypes really both you?

Women shouldn't make the first move. Who came up with this? Seriously, am I supposed to wait for a guy who doesn't know I'm interested to somehow read my mind and approach me?!

Men are supposed to be the sole breadwinners. I would honestly think working together bringing in the funds, the more the merrier. But also this never sat well with me due to the fact that it leaves the significant other too dependent on the sole provider. #PowerTrip



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