Y'all know #NastyDontQuit -- and ((305)) has spent the entirety of 2017 bringing the 🔥 and the 💪🏾 to smashin’ the patriarchy, from the Women's March straight on through to our collective efforts to tell sexual harassers BOY BYE. We have made some seriously INSPIRING progress.

Our new ((305)) ACTIVE line drops this week and it’s all about GRL FKN PWR. Whether you’re standin’ up to sexism or shattering the glass ceiling, we’ve got you covered with the goods that’ll make you feel powerful AF.

We’re celebrating the ((305)) ACTIVE launch by hearing from our FKN amazing instructors and DJs who come to smash every GD day. You already know how our compass of kindness Erika empowers everyone around her -- now hear what makes this DC babe feel powerful and the superpower she already has. ✨


What makes you feel powerful?

My independence and having the power and courage to make decisions that make me happy and bring me peace.


Which gender stereotype really bothers you?

Females are overly emotional.


Who is your female icon and why?

Serena Williams. Her work ethic is insane. She’s put in so much practice and dedication to be the best tennis player in the world. She also doesn’t let what people say about her body image deter her from her goals. People thinks she’s too muscular or too thick to be a graceful tennis player, but she embraces every curve and owns her image. Strong is beautiful.


If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

I already have one! I am super empathetic. It’s gotten to a point where I can tell how someone feels and sometimes what they think by channeling their energy. It helps me build stronger relationships with others and it helps me ease any pain, confusion or diffuse negative emotions people may experience.


In which ways are you feminine?

My body is literally the optimal environment to create and sustain life. The female body is AMAZING!


In which ways are you masculine?

I hate romantic and sappy movies. They make me sick.



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