Because it’s 2017 and women apparently don’t have enough bullsh*t to deal with -- like defending our reproductive rights and fighting for equal pay -- now sexist billboards are popping up all over.

According to The Cut, Spicer Greene Jewelers in North Carolina recently put up a billboard that declares “Sometimes, it’s OK to throw rocks at girls”. Umm, what? Not only is the billboard misogynistic AF, but it also condones (and encourages) violence against women. Gender-based violence is still a massive problem, not only in the U.S. but also around the world. We don’t know when the biddies at Spicer Greene Jewelers last read the news, but women and girls are still being stoned to death in parts of the world.

The company has since posted an apology to their Facebook page and pledged to donate 10% of last week’s sales to Helpmate, an Asheville-area shelter for victims of domestic violence. “We certainly didn’t mean harm by it,” co-owner Eva Michelle Spicer said, noting that the idea for the billboard came from her aunt and grandmother. Despite the backlash, Spicer Greene Jewelers has yet to commit to removing or replacing the existing message.

This comes just a few weeks after that OTHER sexist billboard -- “Real Men Provide, Real Women Appreciate It” -- appeared outside of Winston-Salem. Ughhh. You know it, we know it -- ladies SO do not need a man to pay their bills. And on top of that, the billboard implies a “shut up and smile” mentality that we are straight up not okay with.

We still don’t know who is behind the billboard, as the ad agency that rented it out says the group wanted to stay anonymous. “I took it as a very deliberate jab against women who demand equality and demand to be seen as equals,” said local business owner Molly Grace, a HBIC who organized a protest in late February to counter the misogynistic message. "We are not protesting the right to have a billboard or express a message on it," she said. "This is only a protest against the type of thinking that creates a message like that."

TG for bada$$ babes like Molly who are speaking up against this misogyny and smashing the patriarchy, one protest at a time. We all know that a woman's place is in the boardroom . . . and in Congress . . . and, well, you get it. Junkies get sh*t done 💪 and will continue to lead the resistance ‘til we don’t have to deal with this bullsh*t anymore. #NastyDontQuit, y’all.