Sadie: The Summer Edition


Founder. Icon. Feminist. Bada$$. Honestly, what can't Sadie do?

Meet the pint-sized 27-year old and you’ll know: she ain’t exactly a shrinking violet. From a home that was half-Jewish half-Cuban, she owes her loud mouth and sense of humor to her “Jewban” roots. Sadie is both grounded and upbeat.

What is the official song of the summer?


Joking, joking.
Me Enamore by Shakira. And I can't wait for the new Ke$ha album to drop.


Ok, whew. And what is on your summer reading list?

Lies My Mother Never Told Me by Kaylie Jones.



What has been the weirdest summer of your life thus far?

In high school, working as a host (I RAN that shit!) of a nice restaurant and volunteering to walk dogs at the Humane Society. If you know me well, you know it is totally insane that I did this because I have been scared of dogs since I was little 💩 and when you volunteer to walk dogs at the Humane Society, you walk into a kennel with 8 very excited dogs, they're living in their own shit and piss, and they jump all over you. So that was my strange summer. I took my hosting job extremely seriously, probably more seriously than anyone else working there. And I volunteered walking dogs, wearing a baggy neon shirt, covered in shit, in the hot Miami sun.


And what was the sexiest summer you ever had?

EASY. I was 21 and had just moved back from studying abroad in France.

I spent the summer in Boston (#StarIntern). I was single, and I could finally (legally) go to bars. That was a great summer. I learned how to be confident in bed that summer. There were many guys, many late nights, and tons of drama. I'll never forget this steamy 5-week relationship with this incredibly hot foreign exchange student from Mexico who worked at the pizzeria on my block. Wow. What was his name...?


How does the balmy summer weather change your diet?

I eat more salads and I become obsessed with cucumbers. I slice up cucumbers, cover them in salt and olive oil, and eat them as a snack. I put cucumbers in my water. I put cucumbers in my salads. They are incredible. Did I mention I like cucumbers?



Last one: what's your ultimate adult summer camp fantasy?

It's 50 of my favorite people.

There's live music at night. HD hosts karaoke around 4PM every day. A dedicated staff person has one job: to roll joints. The cafeteria is basically like sweetgreen, but free.

Everyone MUST wear denim cut-off shorts.

Every hour, you have your option: take ((305)), get a massage, get your palm read, do some yoga, do group meditation, masturbate, or have sex.

There is no cash but compliments are currency.

Monogamy is thrown out the window.


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