You’ve heard before that the best time to make sweat sexy is in the morning. Hitting the gym (or in our case, the dance floor) before work makes you feel like a motha-f*cking champ all day long. But we know dragging your ass out of bed early to work out can be a bitch, so we had our HBIC and founder Sadie give us her advice on how to get up and get out early so you can do the damn thang.

Nothing like a workout first thing in the morning to remind yourself that you’re gonna crush this day. For Sadie, that early a.m. adrenaline rush is “better than a cup of coffee” when it comes to starting your day off with a bang (second only to starting your day off with, ya know, an actual bang). “It puts you in an instant good mood during the time when people feel groggiest and least happy,” Sadie says.

Not only will it mentally psych you up for the day, working out in the morning will physically prepare you for the day, leaving you in better shape to kick ass all day long. It kick starts your metabolism and “helps relieve aches and pains of sitting at a desk all day,” Sadie says. “Your muscles are awake, you've activated blood flow, you've stretched (with all the high kicking!), so you'll feel less stiff, have less lower back pain, and feel less achy in your neck and tired in your shoulders.”

And for junkies, our morning classes can be a whole different experience. “The morning crowds tend to be some of our most hard-working, ass-kicking junkies,” Sadie says. “They're committed. They're disciplined. And they tend to know our choreography better.” So if you’re a regular -- or if you’re on your way to becoming a regular -- that means amped up dance moves. “We get to do all the dances and shake our asses to the max since we don't need to modify as much for beginners.”

While an early morning sweat sesh might feel like a great idea at 6 p.m. the night before, 6 a.m. the morning of may feel very different. Sadie has a few tips, including packing your bag and laying out your workout clothes and shoes the night before -- “some people even wear them to bed!,” she says. 

And in terms of what to pack in your gym bag to make your post-gym morning routine as smooth as possible, Sadie recommends dry shampoo. “It’s key, as is knowing how to do a cute messy top-knot,” she says. “If you can do a quick body rinse, without having to wash and dry your hair, you can be outta there in mere minutes.”

There are a few ways to get sweat-ready even if your groggy ass wants to stay in bed. To make up from all those hours of sleep, chug a glass of water when you wake up, and then go easy on breakfast, Sadie says. “At most, I suggest half of a banana or a small serving of yogurt and fruit. I don't suggest eating a big meal unless you have at least two hours before your work out.”

And build an extra minute or two into your morning to stretch before class, Sadie recommends. “This can be as simple as some quick, dynamic stretches, while you're waiting for class to start.”

After your workout, go HAM on a protein-heavy breakfast, Sadie says. “Your metabolism will be revved up for the day, so you might go bigger on lunch, too.” 

Don’t stress if your afternoon slump comes earlier than usual. You’re gonna be a little tired after crushing the morning like that. “That's normal,” according to Sadie. “Go for a walk around the block, stay hydrated, close your eyes and breathe for a few moments, and you'll be good to go!”