Read the (Chat) Room: Getting Flagged on OkCupid

Years ago, online dating shed its taboo skin and entered the realm of mainstream flirtation. Along the way, we've struggled to keep up with the rules. The decorum. The right balance of enough emojis and too many emojis. 

The engineers at dating sites like OkCupid have different problems—like figuring out when to ban a user for violating terms of service or violating someone's safety. 



According to OkCupid engineer Dale Markowitz:

"I want OkCupid to allow for the type of risquéness that—when properly applied—can be a turn-on. And what’s more, I don’t want our own idiosyncratic biases as a company to color what we allow on the site. We’re not morality police. But at the same time, I don’t want a minority of vocal, obscene users to make OkCupid feel like an internet cesspool. So where do we draw the line between risqué and obscene? Between aggressive flirting and abuse?"

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