Quiana: The Summer Edition

YASSS QUEEN Q!! Our DC babe Quiana is living for the heat. Find out how our Woman Crush Everyday keeps things hot on the dance floor and what keeps her cool for the summer!

Meet Quiana: The Summer Edition

What'cha bumping this summer '17?

SZA's "Love Galore" ft. Travis Scott



What do you bring for the perfect beach day?

A speaker for music, agua to hydrate, and a buddy to play with



When it's hot AF outside, how do you manage your hair?

I can't tame the mane in the summer, I let her rock it TF out 🦁




What about your skin? DC summers don't play!

My skin gets all the love! Lots of water, vitamin C serum, SPF 15 & minimal makeup


14268985_309430182762613_599462132_n (1).jpg


How do you stay cool during the summer months?

Wearing the least amount of clothing as possible




When summertime rolls around, how does your diet change?

Extra, extra water to keep up with all the summer cocktails 🍹




Finally, what was your favorite childhood memory of summer?

My fondest memory was visiting the beach with allllll of the fam. It was rare to get everyone together, but I loved it when it happened.



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