You Got the PWR: 3 Calorie-Torching Moves

It's finally here.

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Meet ((305)) PWR: A 50-minute strength and conditioning class that sculpts lean muscle and gets you in the sickest shape ever.  This class focuses especially on glutes and core. You're in and out in just 50 minutes, and sore for days. Go awf!

Below, our girl Katie (aka NYC's fiercest pussycat) agreed to get hot and heavy to break down the 3 calorie torching moves you can expect to see in your first PWR class. 

High knees


Come on- try to make those knees touch your chin, Miss Thang!



Obviously burpees are the literal worst, but you came here to work, didn't you??

(You did.)

Mountain Climbers


Hold it steady, ladies and gents! Mountain climbers only work (your core) as hard as you do. 

Ready to try PWR for yourself?

Good. You can sign up for class right here.