5 Steps to Throwing the Perfect ((305)) Party

Say buh-bye to group brunches! Hasta la vista to fixed price dinners! See u l8r boi to “splitting the bill 13 ways”! We have something better in mind: ((305)) Private Party. Whether you’re looking to throw down for a bachelorette weekend, celebrate a birthday, or praise a new promotion, a ((305)) private party is THE solution you’ve been looking for. 

1. Give us a shout.

Have a date in mind? Contact us A$AP so we can werk werk werk together to schedule the perfect event.  


2. Design your perfect class.

Do you have a favorite instructor? A soft spot for a particular DJ? Let us know and we’ll assemble your dream team. Don’t forget to make a plug for your favorite songs and choreo! 


3. Make a list. Check it twice.

Invite 20 of your closest friends (and cutest crushes) to dance their asses off. Have a bigger invite list? We'll work with you on the details. 



4. Skip the BYOB.

We gotta keep these floors so fresh and so clean-clean! But if you’re looking to sip on a mimosa (or seven) after class, let us know! We can conjure up some catering magic for ya! 



5. Glam it the F up. 

We got add-ons galore. Photographer? Sure. Hair and make up? You know it. Not to mention discounts on 305ACTIVE apparel to make sure the squad is in formation and looking fresh. Get it gurl. 

What are you waiting for?

We’ll help you plan the perfect ((305)) private party in NYC, DC, or Boston. Kiss it better boo boos!