Pride Spotlight: Byron Smith

Happy Pride Month! Here at 305, we are celebrating the diversity and uniqueness each of our LGBTQ clients and instructors bring to every class.

Is all that glitters gold? We kiki'd with DC Instructor Byron Smith to get all the deets on what Pride means to him!


What does Pride mean to you?

Pride is sharing your joy and yourself with others. Pride can be about your sexuality, but also about every part of yourself: your lifestyle, accomplishments, big or small. It's about sharing the work you are doing to better yourself. Pride isn't just about being gay. It's about being authentic with the world. 


How does ((305)) celebrate that definition of Pride?

305 celebrates pride every day -- it doesn't judge or ignore people. Everyone has different walks and paths they take, but 305 celebrates everyone. RuPaul says it best: "You were born naked. The rest is drag." That's what 305 is about. Everyone is the same once they walk into the room.

You’re a champion. Let the world see that.


What's your go-to, take-it-to-the-next level move when you're crushing on someone? 

A simple smile and hello 👋




What's your advice to someone who might be confused/struggling with/questioning/exploring their sexuality?

Take your time to find yourself. There is no "right" time and you will figure it out, so take the pressure off. My biggest advice along the way: please don't think too much about what other people have to say about you. You're a champion. Let the world see that. 


How can fitness be a tool for empowering people?

Fitness can be a great tool to empower people because it mentally helps us break free of whatever has chained us down or held us back. It's also a way to physically feel good in your skin, no matter your orientation or identity. 


Pride isn’t just about’s about being authentic with the world.

What's your coming out story?

Never really had one. Though I always knew I was different. I officially told my parents the night of my Senior year high school prom. Then I just went about my life. 


What's a stereotype about gay or queer people that bugs you?

We all like P!nk. Cmon! 


What's the best part about being gay/queer?

No hiding. When you're out, it feels like a big weight has been lifted. You can show the world who you are. You are on your way. 


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🌈 305 PRIDE, BABY! 🌈

June is PRIDE month at ((305)). We're celebrating LGBTQ brothers, sisters, and folks in between everywhere.

In D.C.: 305 PRIDE (gay nite) Fridays at 5:30PM @ 1630 14th St NW. Sign up and bring an LGBTQ friend for free. DJs will mix songs from your favorite queens featuring RuPaul, Madonna and more. We're skipping the sprint section -- thank gawd -- and adding more toning and more dancing. Sign up here.