Do These Preggo Exercise Modifications for Soon-to-Be Mommas

Twerkin out for two? Are you a hot-mama-in-the-making who's looking to work out? We gotchu, boo! 

We asked Brittany Citron of Pronatal Fitness, about how to exercise during your pregnancy. some good news?! Exercise, especially aerobic exercise, has loads of perks for pregnant women, including reducing body pains, improving the overall health of your new baby, and speeding up recovery after delivery.

Exercising during pregnancy can reduce complications, improve the health of your new baby, and speed up recovery after delivery.

Get in on it! #Fitspo moms like Serena Williams, Ciara, and Kelly Rowland, have all shown that pregnancy isn't just "safe" but a really great idea for both you and your new bae!

But girl, don’t forget to listen to your body, too. You're literally creating a human in there. You're sharing your immune system. You're carrying around a lot more weight. So make sure to get the go-ahead from your doc before jumping in to an exercise routine. 

You already know about the five ways your body changes during your pregnancy so take keep those things in mind before you go HAM on the high knees and jump squats during the sprint sections. 

Here are some other ways to keep making sweat sexy through all 40 weeks. 

  1. Work at a level that feels “somewhat hard.” aka break a sweat and work it out but don’t go past your limit. A good rule of thumb: you can keep talking while you're working out. We don't wanna see you bent over and gasping for air. You've taken it too far 😰. 
  2. Shake ya ass, but watch yourself. Pregnancy throws off your balance, boo. It also makes you more flexible in your pelvic area. This means exercises like lunges will become harder to pull off. You'll notice standing on one foot may feel trickier than in the past. While you're at 305, be mindful of any exercises that throw off your center of gravity. What we're trying to say is: watch those one-legged exercises or you might fall on your ass.  👀🍑
  3. You'll want to modify stuff with your core and back. Planks just ain't what they used to be. While some pregnant women can do a plank until week 40, others may find they need to modify on their knees. Obviously, no laying flat on your stomach. With some added stress to your lower back, you may also feel more stress if you're bent over. 

Pro tip: Core exercises are still 100% safe for you to do while pregnant, as long as you are mindful of your breath and protecting your lower back as you work out. In fact, a stronger core (transverse abdominis) will help delivery and recovery. 


Moms, cmon now! It's time to get that ((305)), babe.

We all deserve some time for self-care. Remember (!!) exercise produces endorphins. And endorphins make you happy. And happy people don’t kill their partners in their sleep. Hi!


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