Have ya heard? ((305))'s got a 🔥🔥🔥 new workout plan that'll help all you bridechillas get ready for your BIG DAY. You know who you are -- you're the bada$$ babe who can't get enough of that killer new choreo and never misses the chance to twerk yer heart out to the latest Pitbull banger.

Now you're tying the knot (congrats, boo!) and you wanna be feelin' your fiercest when you say "I do". WE GOT YOU. This 8-week plan has lit.er.ally got you covered, from cardio to yoga to sculpt. More deets, here.

But don't take our word for it. NYC junkie Riva lived this lyfe and loved errry minute of it.

"((305)) is definitely the move for wedding workouts, because number one, it does not feel like a workout, and number two, it's so positive. You feel so great after you leave because you've just danced it out."

How'd you prep for your big day?

I'd been going to ((305)) for a while, buying class packs. But the unlimited membership launched in January of 2016, about six months before my big day. I thought 'Okay perfect, this will take me right into June.'

I started going three days a week and quickly got into a routine -- I had my instructors, I had people I felt comfortable with in class, and it became part of my routine, which was awesome. ((305)) doesn't feel like a real workout to me -- It's dancing. It was so fun! I've tried gym memberships and everything and I never kept going, but with ((305)) I never missed a class.

I also had a bunch of girlfriends (a bunch of whom were also my bridesmaids) who would come join me once a week, on Wednesdays.

In the spring I really kept going and turned it up to 4 days a week. That soreness I got at the beginning eventually went away and it was just fun and sweaty.

You brought your bridesmaids to class?

It was a bunch of friends, some of whom were bridesmaids. We all started doing ((305)) all the time -- four or five of us would come every week to see each other and dance our butts off. We'd arrange ourselves so that we looked like a girl band -- it was just hilarious and so much fun.

That whole spring, in almost every class we'd dance to Beyonce's "Formation". At my wedding, at my bachelorette party, pretty much anywhere we were when that song came on -- we would get in formation and do the dance, every time. Even on my wedding day! I couldn't do the high kicks, but I definitely tried to pull the rest of it off!

Tell us about your hubby.

Max was my high school sweetheart -- he was my prom date and now he's my date for the rest of my life.

When's he coming to ((305))?

He's a little bit more of a couch potato than me. I try to get him to come all the time! He sees me and my friends do the dances when we're out. He's always said it looks exhausting. He's nervous, he feels like he can't handle it! But he's so impressed and proud that it's something I did and stuck with and enjoyed. He's happy for me!

What's your fave ((305)) move?

I'm not sure exactly what to call it, but I love the move when you kick forward, kick backward and then turn. That, or the sassy move where you throw your arm up and then back down -- I love being sassy!

What's your advice for other brides?

((305)) is definitely the move for wedding workouts, because number one, it does not feel like a workout, and number two, it's so positive. You feel so great after you leave because you've just danced it out. You're not thinking about anything. You're not thinking about the stress of wedding planning or your day or if everything will turn out well. You're just in the moment. Everyone wants to make sure you're feeling great -- and that's how you should feel when you're planning your wedding or on your wedding day. It's a perfect feeling.

The other thing is that you're never alone in ((305)). When you want to go to the gym, you're by yourself and that can be really hard. But at ((305)), you're never by yourself, whether you're in a class with your friend or instructor, everyone is looking out for you to make sure you're doing your best and having the best time.

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Riva's interview was edited for length and clarity.