What You would do vs what The Other You would do

We all have a wild, alter-ego inside of us who is just waiting to get out. You know who I'm talking about. How are you gonna choose to let her out this week? Meet The Other You. 

When you get that last minute text on a Tuesday night about that rager in Brooklyn

You: It would be fun to go, but I have work tomorrow. And I just made this whole bowl of noodles. Plus, what would I even wear? I'm just gonna stay home. 

The Other You: I mean, you literally do only live once, right? SEE Y'ALL IN A SECOND. BE RIGHT THERE!


When you train gets delayed for the 10th time in a row

You: *lets out a deep sigh and continues to stare at the apartment finder advertisement that's right in front of your face*

The Other You: You've always wanted to know how hard it is to spin like one of those subway dancers on a pole- now's your chance. 


When you're debating over wearing that Freakum Dress

You: I should be practical- I can't even wear this to work! 

The Other You: I look fiiiiiine as HELL!!! I'm gonna splurge and treat myself- because I am worth it. 


When you signed up for that 7AM class, but you're tired

You: Neeeeed sleeeeeeeeep. 

The Other You: I'll sleep when I'm dead. 


When you spot a hottie across the bar you think you might be into...

You: Stay near your friends and hope to make eye contact. 

The Other You: Always makes the first moves.