#TheOtherYou: Byron

With an uncanny joie de vivre and wild sense of humor, Byron is the first to let loose on the dance floor at a party. This fly fella is famous for his smile-and-sweat inducing workouts. Warning: laugh too hard in his class and Gatorade will squirt outta your nose. Byron has toured internationally as a dancer with stars like Mya. In Washington, D.C., he works as a performer, hip hop choreographer, fitness instructor, and kids’ dance teacher. Byron’s contagious energy and sense of humor will have you moving at 100 miles an hour and smiling so hard, you’ll forget you’re even working. 


What was your childhood fantasy?  

My childhood dream was to be a actor/comedian. I watched tons upon tons of tv as a kid and still do. And would memorize the lines and jokes etc from my favorite shows.


Other than being a dancer, what other creative would you like to be known for?

A comedian or actor, you know, even a talk show host.


We know your energy in class is full throttle. What’s your personality like when you’re not in class?

Honestly, just like that just without all the dancing. I love to laugh and make others around me laugh too. I eat like a pig, which is all the time, while sneaking in some ME time. 


What’s the advice the "other you” gives you, that you don’t always follow IRL?

Don't be so afraid to try new things and to take leaps towards what makes you happy. 


How would you encourage others to get in touch with their Other Side/find the courage to let them out?

You have to find the other you by first, knowing YOU, the real you, the you that you project to the world. Once you know that YOU, and can accept the flaws, beauty, the ugly, the good of it- then that OTHER YOU will be born. 

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