“No Justice, No Pride.”

At ((305)), we love Pride. We hold a lot of pride, admiration, and respect for our LGBT+ community. And as you might have noticed, we f***ing love glitter. But the core of Pride is less about epic parades, and more about about resistance.

Riotous, rebellious, righteous resistance.

Photo by Dylan Comstock. Protestors block the route of the Capital Pride parade.

Photo by Dylan Comstock. Protestors block the route of the Capital Pride parade.


It took guts to get where we are today—and the fight isn't over. Just ask the protestors from No Justice No Pride, "an ad-hoc coalition of activists that seeks to end the LGBT movement’s complicity in systems of oppression that harm LGBTQ2S communities." No Justice No Pride hosted counter-protests during DC's Capital Pride Parade. They called on queer folks and allies to take a critical eye to the corporate supporters and police presence supporting the event. 

As The Guardian reports:

At the Capital Pride parade in Washington DC over the weekend, radical queer people from No Justice No Pride repeatedly interrupted the corporate sponsored march on several occasions to protest the participation of police contingents and certain anti-LGBT corporations in the parade.

The No Justice No Pride protesters drew attention to the insidious ways police departments get moral cover for the violence they wage against queer people of color by participating in pride parades. They were also angered that Wells Fargo was a sponsor of Capital Pride, which financially backs the Dakota access pipelines and which has paid $175m in government fines for discriminating against African Americans and Hispanic consumers. At one point, No Justice No Pride held up a banner which read ‘War profiteers have no place in our community’ to block a Lockheed Martin contingent.