Nine Signs You Should Marry Your BFF

Dating is so harrrrrd.

Did I add enough emojis to that last OkCupid message? Did I add too many emojis to that last Tinder chat? How many apps is it really OK to have in the"XOXO" folder on your iPhone? 

Sometimes it's all just too much. It can make you want to give up. To look closer. Like, really close. friend close?  We say: why the hell not. 

Here are nine reasons to call it quits and cash in on love with your BFF.

1. You lift each other up in the toughest times.

2. You like all the same things...and the same people.

3. You hate the same people, too.

4. You don't really do "appropriate."

5. You're on the same page...most of the time.

Jenna liz 2.jpg

6. You tell each other what you really want.

7. You're honest with each other. Like really honest. Brutally honest. 

8. You both like the finer things in life.


9. Finally, you'd do just about anything for each other.


Spend some more quality time with your BFF

Spend more time with the ones you love...on the dance floor. Plan a bachelorette or private party with ((305)).