Natalia: The Summer Edition


If you’re ready to get weird, Natalia will take you there. A former semi-pro figure skater, Natalia knows how train you hard. Her explosive power and big moves will naturally make you wanna turn it up. But Natalia isn’t one to take life too seriously. Her goofy, fun-loving attitude is utterly contagious. 

Get to know Natalia's guide to summertime below! 

What's #1 on your reading list right now?

A Man Called Ove


What was your favorite summer fling?

I spent the summer between my college junior and senior year in the woods of northern Michigan taking graduate-level classes in Entomology and Literature, alongside a bunch of Biology and Geology majors from University of Michigan.

I felt totally free- I was out in nature all day, studying something completely outside my scope of expertise, with a bunch of f*cking AWESOME people (nerds) who I might easily never see again.

I don't want to say exactly what happened that summer...

Let's just say I discovered the Alpha female in me and that I could have whomever I wanted. Also I started a skinny-dipping club.


What was your favorite summer memory as a kid?

Waking up around 6am on the weekends, going out to my driveway and rollerblading for hours while listening to the Sugar Ray album on repeat. I'm sure this is no one else's favorite memory.


Does your diet change in the summer?

I get to have as many smoothies and salads as I want!! I love summertime foods, and I've gotten in gut and health-related problems trying to eat them all year-round. Did you know you can get sick from eating too much salad? In summer I go hog-wild. I also supplement with mint chocolate-chip ice cream.


What's your weird trick to staying cool in the summer?

Putting water on my forearms like a kangaroo.


What's your ultimate summer vacation destination?

Hellertown, PA. There's a beautiful farm/dance studio out there that I've rented out for my own personal retreat.

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