Mother's Day Gifts That Aren't Flowers

Shout out to the crazy, loud moms who raised us. This Sunday (and every other day, tbh) is all about them, so we're here to make sure you don't skimp in the present department. Or give her something whack like flowers. You can thank us later. 


1. Organize a surprise brunch

Call your entire family, give them the plan and tell them to zip it. Mom loves 2 things the most: not having to cook and being surrounded by her family. It doesn't hurt if there are mimosas either. Plus, if you're at a restaurant- there's no clean up! Bonus points if you're traveling/brining in siblings from out of town. 


2. A ceramics class

You already know all about that ceramics class your mother took in college and LOVED (P.s. why did all of our mothers take ceramics in college???) and she would LOVE to get back into it but she's just TOO BUSY. Sign up for a class at your local ceramics studio or at your local ceramics PAINTING studio (it's less messy) and prepare for a creative, laugh filled evening. 


3.Wine Delivery from Winc

Wine is very high on the list of things moms love, so sign her up for a wine subscription so she can get her favorite beverage delivered right to her doorstep. This is also a good gift for you to give, because chances are she will probably share with you.


4. Mani/Pedi

Have you ever seen your mother without her nails done? Spend a little quality time getting pampered together. She deserves it (and so do you). 




SHOUT OUT TO THE WOMAN THAT MADE YOU THE BIG, BADASS FEMINIST THAT YOU ARE TODAY. She taught you what a feminist looks like by example. Show her how thankful you are with some swaggy merch to match. 



She has been nagging you for the deets on that workout class you've been talking about. Might as well bring her. Sign up for a class here.