Mommy, I'm Home! How to Answer Mom Questions Like A True Junkie

So you're heading home for the summer break and let's be real, your mother and/or the other mother figures in your life are going to have 101438237423720 questions for you; trying to get all up in your business, from your love life to your eating habits.

Don't worry boo-boo, we've got you covered with ((305)) Junkie answers for any of those pesky interrogations that you may have to go through with familia!

Are you dating? I want grandkids!

Momma chill! When I find the right one, they'll come. Until then, I'm doing bad all by my damn (darn) self!


Who's that person in all your Facebook photos?

Oh you mean (Insert name)? They're just a friend. If it were anything more, I'll let you know. Trust, your baby ain't messing with the fuckboys/girls!


Why don't you add me on social media?

Nah mom, we're not doing that. Remember what you always told me mom - less is more!


Are you eating enough?

giphy (31).gif

Mom, I've got a busy AF schedule with school/work/clubs/etc and I'm burning up tons of calories in my ((305)) workouts. TRUST, I'm eating literally everything I can, when I can. Those dining hall swipes are coming in handy 👌.


I know you're still in school, but have you gotten a job yet?

Actually I've been secretly plotting my own venture and will be SLAYING it be by my own #girlboss. Just you wait mom!


Why do you spend so much money?!

giphy (34).gif

I'm investing in myself and those new neon mesh leggings are getting their wear in!


What's that ((305)) Fitness I keep hearing you and your friends talk about?

Mom, they're LITERALLY the best. Instead of me telling you about them, come twerk it out with me and find out for yourself. C'mon you know you love our mother/daughter dates!


Moms, c'mon now! It's time to get that ((305)), babe.

We all deserve some time for self-care. Remember (!!) exercise produces endorphins. And endorphins make you happy. And happy people don’t kill their partners in their sleep.

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