Michelle: The Summer Edition

Michelle, our Boston Dancehall Queen, is a fierce-as-f*ck dancer and model who's ready for the summer. Find out what she'll be up to this SZN from dutty wining on the the dance floor to leading lit AF 305 classes. 🔥

Meet Michelle: The Summer Edition


What are you reading this summer?

Divided Sisters by Midge Wilson



What's your must-have drink for the summer?

Whiskey, soda, pineapple! 🍍



What's your favorite summer fling memory?

Three words: Barbados, Bartender, Strip club bathroom. 😂



How do you manage your skin when it's  hot & humid AF?

I def use coco butter on parts of the body like the elbows, knees & toes. The sweat alone keeps me moisturized. I also love the sun so I keep the sunblock out. 🌞



If you were President for 100 days of summer, what's a change you'd make?

I'd give everyone a visa and make it a requirement that Americans have to travel somewhere outside of the U.S. to learn from a different culture of people. Eff the ignorance & let's broaden the mind.



What was the weirdest summer you had?

One summer I used to help deliver newspapers with my older sister. We'd be up at 2 am to go prep, deliver around the city, and get chased by all the late night creatures raccoons, skunks, and deers! Like WTFFFF.




What would your adult summer camp fantasy be?

Avatar themed with no phones. It'd be full of musicians, soul food, drinks, and green. 👌

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