MEME MOMENT: Evil Kermit Is Real AF

Example?   Me : Sees a fluffy dog.  Me to me:  Steal him.

Me: Sees a fluffy dog.
Me to me: Steal him.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or somewhere with horrible cell service) you’ve seen the Evil Kermit meme—and identified with it in a serious way. Evil Kermit represents your darkest self. The bad bitch devil on your shoulder, if you will.

You’ve probably even had your own Evil Kermit moments at 305. Like:  

Me: I feel so healthy and alive after that class! Gonna go get a big ass salad!
Me to Me: Get the donut. Get the fucking donut.


Me: If I go to that 7am I’ll feel amazing all day!
Me to Me: Hit that snooze button, bitch. Hit it.


Me: I have plenty of workout apparel! I don’t need more
Me to Me: Fuck that cropped sweatshirt is cute. And the bra. And the hat. Get it all.

Thing is, sometimes we all need a little bit of Evil Kermit. So eat that fucking donut. Eat away. And then hit the 7am like that bad bitch you are.