Great news. We have finally built the technology to make Boston feel like a warm, sunny place all year round.

JK, it's just Rachelle.

She’s quirky and cute as a button with a genuine smile and contagious laugh. She loves taking dance classes with her highest stilettos and biggest hoop earrings one minute, then snort-laughing at her favorite SNL reruns the next. Rachelle is kind, upbeat, and genuine. Her energy is nurturing and sweet, but also fierce and full-bodied.

Now that's our kinda girl.

Tell us about a time you failed. 

I didn't land my dream internship in California. I had my heart set on moving to Cali for my final co-op and moving there after graduation. I felt that I was totally qualified, nailed all of my interviews, networked properly- so I was crushed when I didn't receive any job offers. It was a reality check that not everything is going to work as planned. Long story short, I ended up taking another internship in NYC and it made me FALL IN F*CKING LOVE with the city and led me to a full-time position after college.

Failing, only to find something better on the other end, gave me the trust that there is a greater plan for me. 



Why do you LOVE ((305))?

SO MANY REASONS! But mostly because ((305)) uses fitness to uplift and celebrate everyone AS THEY ARE. Its about building both mental and physical strength beyond just the one hour in the studio.


If this celeb took your class, you'd totally DIE:

Definitely Lady Gaga. OMG, I just got chills thinking about it.




The amount someone would have to pay you to teach ((305)) butt naked?

Like $1000? Is that high or low? I'm nervous to see how other people answered this... 


We all have a type. If you had to describe the people you've dated, what are they like?

Someone loyal with rhythm and strong arms. *drool*


Speaking of which, are you single, taken or it's complicated? (And tell us more)

Single and loving it.

 Actually, I thought I was loving it until recently I had a dream where I hugged a large, masculine dog for 5 minutes and I woke up realizing I was maybe a little lonely... LOL.


Rachelle Maguire -- 3.jpg


Tell us about your last wild night out.

I haven't had a wild night out in a long time, but I'll tell my favorite hot mess story. I was at my go-to Boston club, Storyville. I got in the middle of the dance circle when "Upgrade You" by Bey came on. One of the sticky nipple covers I was wearing FLEW OFF AND HIT THE WALL LIKE THOSE STICKY HAND TOYS FROM THE 90'S. It was like straight from a movie. I have too many of these stories...



A flamingo walks through the door right now wearing over-the-knee boots. What does she want and why is she here?

Oh! That flamingo definitely found #TheOtherHer.

Love Rachelle? Same. 

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