Jordan is like the witty brunette Bring It On cheerleader we totally rooted for. Jordan may appear to be all girly-girl, brunch on 14th St, high-kicks and high ponytails to the moon, but don’t let looks fool you. Jordan has a sharp wit, a crazy smart brain, and an insanely hard job as a full-time speech pathologist for kids. 

Jordan will guide you through the entire 55-minute butt-kicking workout, smiling and encouraging you every second. Her joy and focus are utterly contagious. Let's dive in! 


So, Jordan. Can you tell us a story from your childhood that gives us a sense of what you're like?

I've always been persistent.

When I first tried out for cheerleading in middle school, I made the B team because I couldn't tumble.

I took that rejection and turned it into motivation. I hit the gym and worked on my tumbling skills every day. The next year, I made the A team and got put on the Senior team when I was still in middle school! 


I took that rejection and turned it into motivation.


We all have a type. What's yours?

Intelligent, funny and sweet... but it doesn't hurt if they're also tall, dark and handsome.


Speaking of which, are you single, taken or it's complicated? 😘

I got engaged in late June. We are in the midst of planning our wedding, which will most likely take place in Dallas, TX. He is all of the above. 





Jordan and her guy. Tall, dark, and handsome. She ain't lying...

Jordan and her guy. Tall, dark, and handsome. She ain't lying...

Swoon. Sooo... how did you meet?!

We met at a college party. One minute we were taking shots, and the next he was asking if he could take me out to dinner the next night. I totally thought he would forget by the morning, but he didn't!


When you're not teaching at ((305)), where can we find you?

On my rooftop with friends. It's the best place in D.C.



What were your favorite styles in the '90s?

Those stretchy black Steven Madden sandals, with bell bottom jeans, butterfly hair clips, and a babydoll t-shirt.


Classic. And we heard you're a speech pathologist. What's your favorite word in the English language?

My favorite word is probably 'irritated.' Come to class and ask me why!


Love Jordan? Same. 

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