Meet the New Crew: Jimmy

Around here, we call him THE HEARTH HERO.


When you're in Jimmy's class, you're family. Jimmy's down-to-earth, grounded presence gives you instant bff vibes. Jimmy grew up in a home that embraced art as a tool to cope and heal. His father, a military man, wrote poetry. His mother sang and made music. When Jimmy discovered his talent and love of dance, it allowed him to feel at home with himself, even during awkward and painful years.

When Jimmy moves, his love for dance shines through. In his class, you will feel connected, healed, and guided. He is gorgeous, from the inside out. His class will take you home.

So, what are you waiting for? GET TO KNOW JIMMY. 

If you didn't live in NYC, where would you live?

Probably Atlanta where my sister lives. She's constantly trying to convince me.



What's the most challenging part of training?

For real, it's time management. I'm always wanting to get these dances and info in my noggin STAT- but need to do it within the time frame.



We all have a type. If you had to describe the people you've dated, what are they like?

I like the quiet types. The ones that don't yearn for attention from others, only those who they want around them. Usually non-dancers or people who can't dance? It's a pattern for sure. The need to be family oriented and confident. 


Speaking of which, are you single, taken or it's complicated? (And tell us more)

Taken. He's the sweetest guy. Legit- I've never felt someone is my biggest fan other than my family and he is it. He supports me in everything and also is a reasonable/realistic thinker. He's great, he's handsome, he's so smart, and fashionable.

In class I want to make people feel alive, fearless, and joyful.


Tell us about a time you failed. 

I injured myself 2 days before an artist showcase last July. I went a little too full out and shouldn't have without properly stretching. I had done the routine so many times I thought I wouldn't need to. I caused panic for them and for myself. Two days later I came on crutches and performed, but not to the best of my ability and I felt like I let the others down that were depending on me. It was a huge learning lesson to make smarter choices.

If this celeb took your class, you'd totally die:

Zoe Kravits or JANET JACKSON.


How much would someone have to pay you to teach ((305)) naked?

I mean when that happens I'm sure it will be a VERY special class so whatever ya'll think because you seem to have everyone's best interest at heart. I would love to think I would do that and a super duper duper heads up, but I would still be hella nervous.


PicsArt_12-28-08.36.24 - Jimmy Crowell (1).jpg


What's your favorite word in the English language?

I don't know if I have a favorite word honestly. I'm more of a noises kind of guy. There's a video called "Ticklish cat". That's my favorite sound. But if I had to choose a word it would be hearth- it symbolizes family and togetherness.








What's something you've learned about yourself in the past year?

I've been trying to take more responsibility in pursuing the things I want to do and not just letting the universe take it's course, for being myself around others I'm not completely comfortable with. I call it choosing a color- like with a coloring book you'll fill in the blanks with one (sometimes two if you get fancy). If you use too many it gets muddy and unclear, but if you choose one and it's what you really want everything is clear. 

Love Jimmy? Same.

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