You know those people who you meet and instantly fall in love with because they’re like, OMG, best friend material? That’s Zach. Our Boston junkies fell in love with this über-talented dancer and performer while he was an instructor at our Beantown studio. Now this regulation hottie is ridin’ into NYC and is ready to turn up the 🔥. We caught up with our new BFF over martinis and mozzarella sticks (a #winning combo) and got the deets on this sassafrass.

Yassss Zach! I’m not sure NYC is ready for you! Tell us, what was the hardest part about ((305)) training?

Learning all the dances.

OMG we feel that! How do you want people to feel after leaving class with you?

Powerful, sexy, independent.

Speakin' of . . . you'd totally DIE if which celeb took your class?

Nicki Minaj.


Which ((305)) instructor have you been crushin’ on? Our lips are sealed.

Hannah.  💋


She’s is ah-mazing, right?! So, what’s your ((305)) motto?

Show up!


Preach! Tell us a story from your childhood that proves you're a #BOSS.

I spent everyday growing up being horribly bullied for being a male dancer and I never ever let that stop me from doing what I love.


Growing up, I was horribly bullied for being a male dancer. I never let that stop me from doing what I love.

Let’s talk about sex, babyyy. Do you have a type?

My pattern has been tall men with coiffed hair, but I am open to dating all types of men!  


Ooh tall, dark, and handsome! Care to spill the tea on your wildest night out?

I was at Industry and met a group of guys at the club. This one guy wanted to have an after party but couldn't go back to his place, so he got a room at the W and invited a bunch of us over. 😉



As 90s babies, we gotta know -- what’s your fave song?

“Tearin’ Up My Heart” by *NSYNC.



That feels fitting. How much would we have to pay you to teach ((305)) butt naked?

Nothing. I hate clothes. 🙈

In all honesty, society raises us to be so distant from the human body. It's not taboo. We all have a body! 


Society teaches us to be so distant from the human body. It’s not taboo. We all have a body!


What's one thing you've learned about who you are in the last year?

I spend too much time making sure everyone around me is happy that I tend to forget about my own happiness.


Where can we follow you on Instagram?

@Zach_eisenberg. Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful. 

Love Zach? Same.

Sign up for a COMMUNITY CLASS with him starting August 18th. Proceeds benefit She's The First, which sends girls in low income countries to school for the first time. Book a class here.