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Kelly might describe herself as an old married lady, but Boston's newest instructor knows how to bring out the hot young thang in all her classes. She comes from a looooong line of hard-headed feminists, and she's no different: you pretty much always catch Kelly teaching dance, rockin’ some gender neutral outfit, and fighting the power all day long.

We caught up with her over mojitos and were electrified, empowered, and full of joy -- and her classes will make you feel the exact same.




Kelly, hiii! Let's jump right in -- how'd you get into dance?

I've been around it my whole life. My mom owned a dance studio while I was growing up, and she actually let me start teaching my own class when I was just 15. Kids were happy and well behaved, parents approved, recital dance turned out great… shocking, I know! Being on stage as a dancer is great, but I've always loved teaching the nuggets.

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YASSS we are all so ready to be your new nuggets. What should we know about your classes?

That I will bring it! ((305)) is a culture that seeps into every aspect of your life because your body is doing such amazing, challenging things. I want everyone to feel happy, strong, and empowered after my classes.

I will bring it! ((305)) is a culture that seeps into every aspect of your life because your body is doing such amazing, challenging things. I want everyone to feel happy, strong, and empowered after my classes.

Honestly, I actually needed to turn it down a little in my other job, teaching little kids how to dance. I remember right after I got back from New York City, I went to my usual studio -- and although so many parts of training were helpful to me as a teacher, there were parts of my ((305)) brain that I needed to…adjust for the kiddos.


Ha! I bet -- not everything about ((305)) is suitable for the under-six set. But tell us, why do you love ((305))?

Because I always thought cardio was lame lame lame, boring and terrible... and ((305)) is SO MUCH FUN! I also love the empowering, feminist, and inclusive culture it creates. I also love that it's something that I can do with my mom!


I love that it’s something that I can do with my mom!

YES, all about that feminism -- #NastyDontQuit, y'all. You were a Hillary fan, I take it?

Ughhhhhhh. I spent election night at my friend's house, and when it was clear how the night was gonna end, my husband and I left. As soon as I got home to the bathroom floor I broke down crying. The feeling of disappointment was unbearable. It still is.


Alright, gossip time: are you single or taken?

Taken! Old married lady and loving every moment of it!



Married!! How'd you two meet??

A mutual friend who lovvvves to tell the story of how she knewwww we'd be perfect for each other... eyeroll and gag. It's true, but it's obnoxiously lovey dovey.


While we're talkin' bout love -- who's the ((305)) instructor you've been crushin on?

Asking me to pick one is actually impossible. Deaton took my 305 virginity, Sadie is obviously Queen 🐝, and the whole OG Boston crew created an amazing environment here. Honestly, every person who I've taken class from or trained with is unbelievably gifted.


Rapid-fire question time: Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer? #Paleo

HUNTER. Give me alllll the steak.

Your favorite 90's jam is:

Wannabe! My mom took me to the Spice Girls as my first concert when I was 8. #bestmomever


If you could have lunch with three people, dead or alive, who would they be?

My grandfather, Chelsea Handler, and Barack Obama.


You'd go cray if this celeb took your class:

LADY GAGA. On the spot. I'm dead.


Your style in the 90's was all...

Imagine a kindergartner putting on all their favorite articles of clothing into one outfit. A dance leotard, overalls, and saddle shoes.


The amount someone would have to pay you to teach ((305)) butt naked?

Depends on who's in class! 😏


Love Kelly? Same.

Sign up for a COMMUNITY CLASS with her starting August 18th. Class is just $15 and you can bring a friend! Plus, proceeds benefit She's The First, sending girls in low income countries to school for the first time. Book a class here.