NYC: Are you ready to slay with Ivy AKA The Calle Ocho Kitten? When you first meet Ivy, you’ll be lost in her eyes and mesmerized by her stylin’ sex appeal. This kitty cat has danced her whole life and recently moved to New York from Miami, so you know she's ready to give you true 305 vibes.


Give us a life quote to live by:

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you've imagined." That's my boy, Henry David Thoreau. 




We all have a type, so give us the deets on yours!

Witty and eccentric.


Speaking of which...what's your dating status?

Taken 👫 I live with him in Bushwick. 




Tell us a story from your childhood that proves you're a #BOSS.

My mom was a single parent. She was young and had to make it work. I had to mature emotionally quickly. 


What's in your 90's mix playlist?

Alanis Morissette! Also add in some Spice Girls, Matchbox 20, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. 🙋🏻


Name three ways you want to make people feel in your class:

Empowered, refreshed, and badass.





What's one thing you've learned about who you are in the last year?

I am a constant work in progress and that's OK!

Let's wrap this thang up. Who are your 305 instructor crushes?

Maria, HD, and HBIC Sadie! 😍


Finally, tell us. Where can we get more Ivy in our lives?

Follow me at @ivyledon. I post my dance adventures!


Love Ivy? Same.

Sign up for a COMMUNITY CLASS with her starting August 18th. Class is just $15 and proceeds benefit She's The First, sending girls in low income countries to school for the first time. Book a class here!